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Tip on battery replacement

When it’s time to have your battery replaced here is a tip: Ask for copy of the failed battery test. Most repair shops have a print out with test summary results. Also, make sure your invoice states the warranty details since most batteries are pro-rated after the first year. Lastly, the electronics on most cars are active even when the car is shut off so it’s important to drive the vehicle at least every 2-3 days to prevent extreme lows in battery charge condition.

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Check Engine Light

What does this mean?Check Engine

Your check engine light is an early warning system that alerts you when your engine is not running in its optimal condition.  By getting this checked out sooner rather than later it can prevent:

  • break down on the road
  • further damage to your car
  • save you money in fuel economy

The sensors in your car feed back values to the on board computer.  If any values are out of range, it generates a fault and this triggers the check engine light to come on.  Sometimes it can be  triggered by loose or faulty gas cap.  So check your gas cap if you recently got gas.   If your cap was loose, you will need to drive the vehicle until it rechecks the fuel tank pressure again and removes the fault and check engine light.

When you get your vehicle inspected, a fault code will be retrieved from the on board computer which tells the Technician which system is not operating properly.  For example, there are fuel supply systems, fuel and air mixture systems for optimal fuel economy, electrical systems that monitor voltage and power to your vehicle, etc.

Once the fault is retrieved the Technician will perform the applicable test procedures to pin point where the cause lies.  As he goes through the test procedure check list, if any test step fails, he will recommend replacement of the component causing the failure at that test step.  Once the repair is performed, he will continue the test procedure check list which may or may not have any further failures.

The on board computer also goes through its own self test as you drive the vehicle down the road.  If at any point on its list of tests a failure is detected, it will generate a code and  illuminate the Check Engine Light.  For this reason, it is necessary to drive your vehicle 50-100 miles before the on board computer can perform all of its tests and verify that all systems pass.

Each test requires different driving scenarios.  Some tests are performed only when the vehicle is started for the first time in several hours.  Other tests require the vehicle to be at normal operating temperature and moving at speeds of 50 MPH.

We will always provide you with the fault code(s) and a description of the related system associated with this fault.  Our goal is to communicate to you what test we performed and what repair is needed to be done before the technician can continue his tests.  It’s important to know that tests are performed based on the fault codes retrieved by the vehicle’s on board computer.

Some failures cause multiple faults  that are related to one another like a chain of events, but other times we find multiple codes that are not related.  It really depends on how old the vehicle is and how well its been maintained.  So you can see that the longer you drive the vehicle with the check engine light on, or neglect to repair needed items on your vehicle, the more complex the diagnosis can become.

I hope this gives you a better idea of how the check engine light works on your vehicle and what to expect when you bring in your vehicle for diagnosis.  If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to email me at

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What you should expect when bringing in your vehicle to any service shop

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